Take a moment and observe the peace of this scene. Do you know that the elements responsible for the creation and beauty of this place exist inside you too?



If you found this site then you are ready to begin a new understanding of the life available to every being but only discovered by a special few. They, like you now, understand that living everyday with peace of mind and heart is achieved through deliberate evolution of the self: What comes next is truly remarkable and you are ready.

I will provide personalized support and information in a way that serves your greatest good, strengthens trust in yourself, clarifies challenges and helps you create an effective outlook for achieving personal goals. Please contact me with any questions or to book a private appointment today. 



Betsy Marcello
PO Box 716
Fryeburg, Maine 04037


The Covid-19 Event

Deep learning emerges from tragedy. Ask for the strength to endure any fear or suffering and lessen its impact on your body, mind and spirit. You are not alone and I surround you with love during this time of great change. 
Most important to remember is this fact: Within each of you exists courage beyond measure and the strength to adapt and thrive no matter the challenge.


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