Current life examination:

  • 30 minute single topic of inquiry (in person only)     $40

  • 1 hour session in person                                     
    Unlimited topics of inquiry                                              $75

  • 1 hour session via telephone                          
    Unlimited topics of inquiry                                              $75​​

Soul Reading:

  • 1 hour session in person only                                        $100

What can I expect from a life examination session?

We will take a few minutes to get acquainted through light conversation, I will answer any remaining questions you have about me as well as ask you a few questions about what information you are comfortable hearing. During this time is when I determine your specific frequency and will begin to receive information from my guides/energies to which I simply refer to as “They” or “Them” because I have some constants but depending on the individual a new guide/energy may offer information.

What can I expect from a soul reading session?

These begin the same way I would begin a life examination except instead of bringing in information pertaining only to a current concern I access your pre-birth energy or who you are in your soul form. It is a very specific deep energy connection and can include how you felt about coming into physical form, what specific lessons you are meant to learn or teach while here and in some cases past lives do make themselves known. 

All connections happen in a safe space and all communication during a session is completely confidential.


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